To Cull or Not to Cull…That is the Question!

Decisions, decisions….Yes who shall you invite to your big day and who just won’t scrape in?!?!

Don’t feel guilty, don’t feel obliged to invite someone, it is entirely up to you!  Choosing your guests also influences the cost of your Wedding; extra catering, beverages, bomboniere, decorated tables and plenty more…Invite who you feel is going to make your day that all the more special!

The best way to decide, is to make a list of everyone you want to come and then begin the cull!

Who is going to make your Wedding?

I have attached a ‘Track Your Guests’ form, to make your life easier.  It shows who you’ve sent, ‘Save the Dates’, Invitations to and what gifts you’ve received from guests and whether or not you have sent them a ‘Thank You’ card.  There are a few examples of ways you can set it out on the form!

The power is yours!

Track Your Guests

The gift

Photo: Grace Marie Photography

First ‘Date’ of the Rest of Your Lives

He’s just popped the question and you’ve said yes!

Now you are deciding when to set the big date!  Here are a few things to think about:

Planning Time.  You don’t want to stress yourself out! Make sure you have allocated enough time to plan everything.
The Season.  Do you want to be married during summer, spring, winter or autumn?
The Location.  Where do you want to get married?  Overseas, the beach, on a farm, in a church or chapel, indoors or outdoors?
The Venue.  If your heart’s set on a particular venue that is quiet popular, they set the date! You will need to book at least 12-18 months in advance, keep your options open and be flexible.
The Church.  Notify the Parish or Priest and book in a time to meet with the Priest to set a date.  If you choose to use a Church.
Your Guests.  Are they travelling from interstate or even overseas?  You may need to allow enough time for them to make bookings for transport and accommodation.
The Budget.  If you have a tight budget you may need to consider getting married during the week.  This can make a cost difference for the venue and some vendors.
The Wedding Party.  Have they already booked a holiday or have other plans?  Check and confirm the date with your Bridesmaids, Maid of Honor, Groomsmen and Best Man.
The Honeymoon. What’s the weather like there? When is it cheaper to book flights or accommodation?  When is it peak season at your destination?
Public Holidays.  When are they?  Are they on the weekend or day you were looking at?
Other Community/Events.  Is there another Wedding/Event taking place at the venue?  Is there a community event happening in the venue or area?

Another great idea for choosing your Wedding date is setting it on the date you first started dating or a day that has sentimental meaning.  Give yourself at least 12-18 months to put all plans into place, so you don’t feel stressed and put under unnecessary pressure.

Happy planning!

Yours Truely

The Wedding Planner

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Flirt with the Senses

Everyone wants their wedding or event to be remembered and be the best it could possibly be! Here is what you can do to ensure it’s memorable for you and your guests!

Incorporating ALL of the five senses may propel your event to the next level for you and your guests. If you can’t achieve all five senses, aim for at least three.

See it – SIGHT:
Sight is a major one, think about:
Colour Palette – Different colours invoke different emotions and how people interact with one another. Dark colours will make the room feel smaller, as for lighter colours can make a room feel larger. If you do choose to use a dark striking colour, choose a soft tone. For example: Brown, use a chocolate brown as it is a warm tone.
Lighting/Decor/Layout – You can use lights, candles and patterns to make an event visually appealing. Think about your tablecloths, centrepieces, flowers and how the room is set out; is it easy to navigate through?  Is there enough space between chairs?

Feel it – TOUCH:
Guests are more likely to stay if the ‘environment’ is comfortable and if they have something to do!
Comfort – Choose comfortable seats and lounges, consider the temperature or climate of the venue.  If it’s too cold people will feel uncomfortable, so make sure it’s a pleasant temperature.
Decor – Use tablecloths, napkins and/or chair covers with textured fabric, even have menus printed on fabrics or textured, glossy or grainy paper.
Even have something the guests can interact with on the table, like a fun puzzle or game.  A photo booth is always a great idea too!  Set up a station where guests can even cut out their own props!

Hear it – SOUND:
You can really set the mood of your Wedding/Event with sound.
Music – Have music that all ages can enjoy play continuously in the background, not exactly like elevator music, but lounge music.  Book a DJ or band to dance the night away.  Make sure the volume isn’t going to burst ear drums!
You can use a ‘signature’ sound to draw your guests to a particular area and for effects.

Taste it – TASTE:
Never under estimate the power of tastebuds, they are your buddies.  Food and beverage are a huge influence on an event and can make or break it.  Make sure you taste test any food/cake before you book with a caterer or venue!
Find the right balance between sour, salty, sweet and bitter and keep in mind guests with dietary requirements!  Food and beverage can even be an event within itself, think about colours and design.

Sniff it – SMELL:
People tend to forget how powerful this sense is!  Smell is closely linked to a person’s memory and emotion, so if you have a scent at your Wedding/Event and a guest smells it somewhere else, it instantly triggers memories! Exactly what we are after!
Scent – You can use anything from burning scented candles, timed fragrances, incense and flowers.  Just make sure you don’t overdo it!  Make it subtle but enough to be noticeable!
You can even have scented menus, now that’s different!

Make it an event never to be forgotten!

Need more advice? Simply fill out the form below.


“I was bankrupt by the end of my Wedding!”

How to plan your budget, so you won’t be saying these words of dispare at the end of what’s supposed to be the best day of your life!

Swinging back to my first post about planning so you don’t turn into Godzilla, oh I mean…Bridezilla, I have made two excel budget spreadsheets! Everyone can use them!

Budgeting will be your best friend and keeping on top of it will make pre married life that touch simpler. I know, I know, no one and I mean no one, likes to do the finances! Don’t stress, this is simple. I have attached two different budgets one very simple budget plan, that you can fill out and allocate money in 5 minutes – ‘My Wedding Budget Simple’. The other a little more detailed, that will take sometime to fill out – ‘My Wedding Budget’. Each category is an estimated percentage of how much money goes towards it, this is just a guide. All weddings are different and everyone can taylor their own budget. Feel free to add, delete or expand on any of the categories! I am able to make a more in depth one if needed, so please leave feedback on this post if you wish for one and I can personally email it to you!

So, when it comes to the budget, the catering and the venue will be the biggest expence. With the photographer/videographer and the flowers following closely behind.  It is entirely up to you how you would like to plan your budget and where the money goes, this is just a rough guide. Enjoy!

My Wedding Budget

My Wedding Budget Simple

Meet the Photographer

This lovely lady is the fabulous photographer, who is providing me with all the photos you see through out the blog (beside the photos from ‘Meet the Make-Up Artist)!  Keep her in mind when you are looking at the photos!

Originally from Canberra, now based in Brisbane, Grace spent most of her childhood living, breathing and experiencing the international lifestyle in Thailand and Indonesia.  Having been a globetrotter from a young age, this shaped who she is today – creative, imaginative and driven.  Her passion for photography blossomed when she owned her very first camera at the age of 12.  It hasn’t left her side since, she is known as ‘the camera girl’ taking photos for parties, school sports events, family and friend’s birthdays, DJ sets, weddings and whatever else catches her eye.  Grace also has a flare for music and is a talented singer and pianist.

With her creative side in full swing, Grace undertook a Bachelor of Creative Industries (Interdisciplinary) Majoring in Film and TV, with a Minor in Music at the Queensland University of Technology.  Having previously worked as a wedding photographer and recruiter/trainer/manager of photographers for Santa photos, Grace landed a job as a school portrait photographer.  She is always exploring new ways to manipulate imagery and lighting, trying to bring out the story behind the still image to capture her audience.

“As a freelancer, I dream to capture the world through my lens.  Bringing raw emotion to an image is something that I hold close to my heart.” Grace – Grace Marie Photography

Grace has a positive outlook on life and is always smiling, hanging out with friends, diving into a Sunday roast with family and is itching to get her travel-bug on and jet set her way to the USA, Europe, Canada and New Zealand.  She is currently in the midst of getting her own website up and running but you can catch her before she flies out on: k-a4ahh_1k05usvo00kqx5pq8kmptena5ppzfolkcc8who97j3dtk-b5pzgozvvjahamqteo-izjr0wbfqbcbq.jpegjodaiewdkf5ucgxq8zmlzdrbbi36jpg3inhglz4kpu8.jpeg5yipeufzc3uaeh5vnrygbvqs0mqxurz3-poivogutusst8tsbkq4lv5lg03p9jshzrxdwlvz7ztygufdkscngo.jpeg


Meet the Make-Up Artist

Introducing you to my long term friend Ellen, the Make-Up Artist.  She will provide us with tips and tricks for make up for that special event, wedding or party.  Well she will tell me and I will post it for you all, but this is so you know where I will be getting some of my Make-Up advice and Wedding Make-Up photos from.

Ellen, born and raised near an extinct volcano in an old gold mining town known as Blackwood, she dreamt of bigger things.  Being an ambitious little girl, she would daydream about one day becoming a glamorous actress.  As Ellen grew up she was itching to discover the city life and uprooted her small town ways and moved to the big smoke…Melbourne.

After deciding what to do with her life, Ellen studied make up artistry at The Australian College of Hair Design and Beauty.  She fell in love with making women feel beautiful and her passion grew. Her focus turned to make up for films, TV, commercials, weddings and photo shoots with photographers.

“Make-up is your greatest accessory.” Ellen – Cleopatra Make-Up Artistry

Her experience is forever growing. Instead of becoming the actress she once dreamed, Ellen has recently worked behind the scenes of Melbourne based feature film ‘Crime and Punishment’ as the Head Make-Up Artist and Hair Stylist.  This up and coming freelance make up artist is the proud owner of Cleopatra Make-Up Artistry based in Melbourne and would be delighted to hear from you if you have any upcoming events.

Cleopatra Make-Up Artistry can be found on Facebook:


Don’t become a BRIDEZILLA – Plan!

So you’re daunted and have no clue where to begin the planning process?

First things first, breathe, have a relaxing cup of tea and chill out! Planning a Wedding/Event is so much more stressful when you are frantically up in arms about what is going to happen next. Remember, no one is going to take this away from you, it is your day.

Grab yourself a pen and paper, decide on these simple steps before you make any drastic decisions (I’ll be talking about these in more detail in future posts):

  1. Plan the BUDGET!
  2. Decide on a date
  3. Decide on and confirm your Bridesmaids, Maid of Honour, Groomsmen and Best man
  4. Make your guest list
  5. View a few venues for your ceremony and reception
  6. Choose a celebrant
  7. Book the venues, as soon as possible (read through the contract thoroughly!!!)
  8. Send out your ‘Save the Dates’ (6-8 months prior to the wedding. Especially to those overseas, maybe even send them an email on the date before their ‘save the date/invitation’ arrives.)
  9. Research a photographer, videographer, entertainment, caterers, florist and car hire
  10. Send out your invitations (8-10 weeks prior to the wedding.)

TIP: If you book an outdoor venue, make sure you book an indoor venue AS WELL…Just in case the weather doesn’t want to be your friend…


                                                                                                   Photo from: